Professional Forest Management

Harper Forestry, LLC
offers a wide variety of professional services in forest management.   

We assist forest landowners in their work areas and help them achieve a balance in all aspects of forest management, including timber production, wildlife habitat, management plans and timberland investment counseling.

Professional Forest Management with 35 years experience in the forests of East Texas.

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Office - 936/588-6778

Bob Harper cell - 936/537-1713

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Technical Advice

Recommendations for your land may include reforestation, thinning or harvesting, fertilization, and wildlife habitat improvement. 

Professional Services

Offering a variety of professional services, recommendations may include site preparation and assistance with contractor negotiations.

Harper Forestry can develop a plan to implement the objectives, then ensure that the plan and associated work projects are carried out.

The staff at Harper Forestry welcomes the opportunity to visit with you about your management needs. 

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